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About Susan

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"It's my daily choice to spread a little love. One way I do that is to create handmade cards with positive images and messages."


Designing with love.
Homemade Cards for People You Cherish
Sending Love,
Sprinkling Joy
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Hi, I am Susan Blake!  Welcome to my website.
 I was raised in a small town in Central Illinois, where I was hesitant to be myself.   I did a lot of avoiding and masking as I entered young adulthood.   
In my late 20’s, I came out as a lesbian, hesitantly and fearfully.   Alcohol was medicinal and helped me minimize my insecurities.   When I reached my early 40’s, I realized it was OK to be me.   I quit drinking, and I became active in helping others to overcome alcoholism.   I also began devoting time and energy to promoting LGBTQ causes.  
More than anything, I want to help others find self-esteem and authenticity, hopefully much earlier in life than I did.   It is my hope that my cards carry that message.   


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